Career Background

Keely has worked in admin and finance in many different roles. Keely has worked in banks, in community group administration, in organising funding for children’s playschemes and other community events. Keely went on to working for her husband in their successful family business. During this time Keely returned to college and gained AAT qualifications, which led her to her current role as finance administrator at North West Leaving Care Services in August 2018.

What you like about working in leaving care

Keely enjoys working at Northwest Leaving Care in a welcoming, inclusive and professional environment.  Keely is an integral part of the team and brings a wealth of skill and expertise providing support to all across our service.

What are you passionate about

Keely is passionate about her family, including her much loved dog. Keely is passionate about making sure that all young people get a fair and equal start in life. Whereever she can Keely is always willing to take part and help to make sure young people get what they need.