Education Opportunities

For young people already in education or training we focus our support to ensure they achieve high levels of attendance. All young people are expected to continue learning, training, seek employment or take part in the Northwest Leaving Care training and development programmes. These generally include: food hygiene, first aid, health & safety, fire awareness, tenancy training, CV writing, communication skills, interview techniques, application & form completing and presentation and more.

Northwest Leaving Care Workbook

Each young person works through our independence training pack which has been developed and designed by young people and our support workers. The pack is progressive and broken down into easy to manage stages. Starting with the basic everyday tasks we must all complete to live healthy and safe lives. The book teaches young people a range of domestic, social and practical skills, developing their knowledge and understanding of independent living. The issues around being a good tenant are referenced throughout the pack and young people learn to understand the rights and responsibilities of tenants.

A range of online courses which are nationally accredited are also available for young people to add to their record of achievement and CV. 

Download Sample Booklet

Leisure, sport and cultural activities

Young people are encouraged to engage in individual activities which not only consider their ethnicity, culture, language, religion, interests and abilities, but also help to widen and deepen their life experiences promoting tolerance and diversity. 

We regularly run sponsored events to raise money for homeless communities in our areas. Young people are encouraged to plan and participate in our sponsored walks and bike rides at different times of the year. 

We also run soup kitchens across winter months where young people are able to join in the organising and distributing of food and warm clothes to those less fortunate in our local communities.