Our Philosophy

We believe that every young person has the potential to succeed in life. We believe with the right support and guidance, young people can be successful and achieve. Independent living often presents challenges for young people. We believe that unconditional support, encouragement and guidance is the key to assisting young people to reach their full potential. 

Our goal is to provide a positive and productive environment where young people feel comfortable. We understand that young people will make mistakes, but we believe that support and mentoring are the key to developing good decision making skills and avoiding mistakes. We believe in open and honest discussion and encouraging reflection and self awareness. Our support is unconditional and inclusive. We believe this is the key to supporting young people learning the important steps they need to take and make the transition into adulthood. Our underlying ideology at Northwest Leaving Care is simply based around putting young people first and building and maintaining positive relationships.


Education & Support

We have access to local college and training opportunities, enabling young people to choose the right course for them prior to enrolling. We also have a range of partner employers able to offer work placements for young people in North Lancashire.



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All young people entering Northwest Leaving Care service will have every opportunity to engage in the important planning stages around their move.

Where ever possible planing needs to be a priority. Our managers are always happy to visit young people,attend meetings and develop relationships in advance of young people moving into our service. 

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