Career Background

Beth began working in the care sector at 16 working in residential homes whilst studying health and social care at college. Once qualified she worked full time between residential homes and nursing homes. After a number of years working with older people Beth had a career change and began working with children and families. Beth went onto university and gained a degree in youth and community work, upon completion she started work with Northwest leaving care and has worked her way up to her current position of manager. 


What you like about working in leaving care

Beth likes working in the leaving care sector as she loves meeting and working with lots of young people from different backgrounds supporting their unique and diverse needs. Beth enjoys the challenge of leaving care work and making a difference to young people’s lives. 


What are you passionate about

Beth is passionate about making a difference to young people's lives, by supporting, encouraging and working with young people to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to ensure that they make the successful transition into independent living.