Referrals and Admissions

We aim for admissions to be on a planned basis for young people who meet the age and admissions criteria.  We work with young people, their referring agencies and support services to ensure young people are best placed. Young people are fully engaged in the process and are introduced to staff and the service prior to moving. A key worker for the young person is allocated at the point of introduction. All necessary documentation regarding the young person should be provided by the social worker prior to admission.

We do take emergency placements if we can meet the needs of the young person and there is a completed impact risk assessment with a review meeting taking place within 72 hours. We do consider both short and long term placements for young people.

Young people will be assessed prior to placement to ensure it is right for them and to identify the level of support they need to enable them to make a successful transition to independent living. The placements will last for approximately 6 months minimum, during which time the young person will be supported to develop the skills and confidence to enable them to move into their own accommodation.